Len Gadica

Melville, Saskatchewan Canada

Len's CD Give Away!

If you would like a chance to win my CD I'm Here For You simply send an email to len@lengadica.com

In the subject line please put Len's CD Giveaway and then in the message area please type your name and address. I will draw a name from the entries I've received each month, and will send the winner a copy of my CD. Just a way to say thanks for visiting my website, and a way to promote my music!It is very gratifying to hear my music being played by accordion players all over western Canada and the northwest U.S. I have been sending my books to Washington State, Oregon, Montana, Idaho as well as B.C. Alberta and Saskatchewan. The following is a list of what I have to offer.

Music Albums


I now have 7 music books of original old time accordion music available. 6 of the books are of intermediate to difficult level, while 1 book is of an elementary level, and also comes with a CD. The following is a list of contents of each book.

I accept e-transfers to len@lengadica.com the password can be "Polka" if asked otherwise a password might not be needed. Don't forget to include the mailing address you would like the Books delivered to via Canada Post.


(Comes with a CD)

Flip's Polka, Snowflake Waltz,Hawaiian Schottische, Apple Blossom Waltz (Duet), Top Hat Polka, Sweet Dreams Waltz, Milo's Schottische,Glitter Polka (Duet), Blue Sky Schottische (Duet), Velvet Waltz (Duet), Weekend Polka (Duet), Morning Walk Schottische, Rosebud Waltz, Riverside Polka, September Schottische (Duet), Farmer's Waltz, Reunion Polka

$20 / Book + $5 SH&H


Holiday Schottische, Across the Street Polka, First Day of Swing, Old Country Waltz, Polkaman (for Jim), Rainbow Waltz, Hometown Waltz, Top of the Morning, Hummingbird Polka, Tiger Lily Schottische, Hotfoot Polka (Duet), My Anna Marie, Poncho's Polka, Let's Polka, Nite Hawk Waltz

$20 / Book + $5 SH&H


Jackpot Polka, Papa's Waltz, Country Dance Schottische, Joey's Polka, Lucky Luke, Home Again Waltz, Sunshine Schottische, Cousin Ernie's Wedding, Springtime in Vienna, Millennium Polka, On the Platzl Schottische, Emerald Waltz, Magic Touch Polka, Grasshopper Polka, After Midnight Waltz

$20 / Book + $5 SH&H


Annie's Waltz, Just Married Schottische, Trail Ride Polka, Latin Evening, Warm and Cozy, All the Good Times, Razzle Dazzle Polka (Duet), Daydream, Rebecca Waltz, Main Street Schottische, Lucky Man, Belle of the Ball, Northern Lights Polka, Centennial Waltz, It Was That Polka

$20 / Book + $5 SH&H


I'm Here For You, Melly's Schottische, Waltzing With You, The Jig is Up, Diamond Polka, Latin Breezes, Our Lady Waltz, The Test of Time, Kimberley's Calling Polka, Dreaming Alone, Wandering Minstrel Waltz, Ragamuffin, Hocus Pocus Polka, Slip and Slide Polka, Morning Glory Schottische

$20 / Book + $5 SH&H


Elsie's Waltz, Paint the Town Polka, Prairie Jig, Flower Garden Waltz, Dance With Me Molly, They're Playing Our Song, Silver Star Schottische, Crooked Lake Polka, My Wish For You, The Cat's Paw Rag, Latin Mood, Mountain Air Waltz, Steppin' Out Tonight, Old Friends Waltz, Around the Circle Schottische

$20 / Book + $5 SH&H


Grandma's Waltz, On The Road Polka, Latin Dream, Pitter Patter Schottische, Sunrise Waltz, A Reel Good Tune, Be My Little Sweetheart Polka, Kitten Rag, Moonlight Waltz, The Life We've Been Given, Latin Love, Lenny's Landler, Kipling Waltz, Double Shot Polka, Just For Fun, Pop's Polka

$20 / Book + $5 SH&H


NEW 2021 - One More Time

$15 / USB or CD + $5 SH&H

1. Lenny's Landler [Listen]

2. Squeeze Box Polka [Listen]

3. The Life We've Been Given

4. Captain's Schottische

5. Willow Waltz

6. Dancehall Polka

7. Latin Love

8. Jill and Joe [Listen]

9. Moonlight Waltz

10. A Reel Good Tune [Listen]

11. Pitter Patter Schottische

12. On the Road Polka

13. Kitten Rag

14. That Beautiful Night

15. Marigold Waltz

16. Swing In Your Step [Listen]

17. Darlin' Polka

    1. Elsie's Waltz [ Listen ]

    2. Paint the Town Polka [ Listen ]

    3. Prairie Jig

    4. Flower Garden Waltz

    5. Dance With Me Molly

    6. Around The Circle Schottische

    7. Remember Long Ago [ Listen ]

    8. Mountain Air Waltz

    9. Crooked Lake Polka

    10. Latin Mood

    11. Cat's Paw Rag

    12. Weekend Polka

    13. They're Playing Our Song

    14. Steppin' Out Tonite [ Listen ]

    15. Upside Down Polka

    16. My Wish For You

$15 / CD + $5 SH&H

    1. I'm Here For You

    2. Sweet Dreams Waltz

    3. Melly's Schottische

    4. Hocus Pocus Polka

    5. Dreaming Alone

    6. The Jig Is Up - [Listen]

    7. Waltzing With You

    8. Ragamuffin

    9. Kimberley's Calling

    10. The Test Of Time [Listen]

    11. Morning Glory Schottische

    12. Latin Breezes

    13. Diamond Polka [Listen]

    14. Our Lady Waltz [Listen]

    15. I've Played All Around

$15 / CD + $5 SH&H

Len Gadica - My Work is All Play

1. Be My Little Sweetheart Polka

2. Kipling Waltz

3. Easy Does It

4. September Schottische

5. J.D.'s Waltz

6. Since I Found You

7. Pop's Polka

8. Latin Dream

9. Sunrise Waltz

10. Carpenter's Schottische

11. Double Shot Polka

12. I'm A Fool For You

13. Just For Fun

14. Grandma's Waltz

15. Top It Up Polka

16. Boppin' Tonite

$15 / CD + $5 SH&H